Cryptocurrecy – Is it black or white?

Ok I fooled you with the title. Crypto more specifically Bitcoin is for everyone. However, the book Bitcoin and Black America, does a good job of explaining what Bitcoin is and what it is capable of doing for the black community. Bitcoin and Black America was written and self-published by author, entrepreneur, and podcaster Isaiah Jackson. Jackson has been a Bitcoin advocate since 2013. He has also been mentioned by name, by Bitcoin “OG’s” like Max Keiser. In my opinion if you know the history of Bitcoin, you know the Bitcoin OG’s have seen both the ups and downs of Bitcoin cycles.

Bitcoin and Black America by Isaiah Jackson

On his podcast “The Gentlemen of Crypto”, he refers to his book as a 100 level college course. It teaches the basics of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. It also goes over a brief history of Black Americans and minorities who’ve been victimized by the current financial system and how Bitcoin can fix this.  

The Gentlemen of Crypto Podcast with Co Host Isaiah Jackson Author of Bitcoin and Black America


Before we go any further – I’m a black man. Realize that this ain’t some woke Social Justice Warrior blog. However pointing out the discriminatory and potentially racist financial practices of the past will give a better understanding of the need for Bitcoin and its potential.

Bitcoin in the Black Community

In the beginning of the book, Jackson explains Bitcoin and blockchain technology. He goes into detail about the history of Bitcoin and how and when it started. Jackson progresses into one of my favorite chapters “Buck the Fanks.” Here he goes over the history of how banks have marginalized many Americans over the years. Then expands on Bitcoin giving you the freedom to become your own bank. Later he goes into how future technology will begin to create Bitcoin centric applications and websites (See my reviews on and TryLolli).

Many books out there talk about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency however; Jackson does the best job of breaking down how this technology can truly uplift an entire community. If you want a book that is going to explain what Bitcoin is as well as give you a glimpse into what the future could hold for the monetary system Bitcoin and Black America is worth a read. Out.

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