Best App to Buy Crypto . . . . Stack Satoshi’s in 2021 with

In 2021, an efficient way to start is to set up reoccurring investments in Bitcoin (BTC). One of the best apps for this is Coinbitsapp is a web based application that will automatically invest in and buy Bitcoin weekly based on your spending habits. If you have ever heard of the Acorns app, an automated stock investing app, Coinbitsapp is the bitcoin version.

Coinbitsapp rounds up your transaction to the nearest dollar and invests the difference into Bitcoin. The small investments add up over time without having to think about it. First you securely link a funding account utilizing the Plaid application. This account is used to deduct the “rounded up” amount for your investment. Next add an account or credit card you want used to monitor transactions. As you make purchases, Coinbitsapp will invest the round ups into Bitcoin. For example, if I spend $1.50 on a cup of coffee the app will round it up to the nearest dollar equalling a $0.50 investment in Bitcoin (BTC).

How does it work?

Let’s say you use your linked credit card to buy coffee for a week, you would have $3.50 worth of round ups. $0.50 x 7 transactions = $3.50. The app will use your funding account to buy $3.50 worth of Bitcoin (BTC). Buying a whole Bitcoin at isn’t always feasible for the average person. Through using Coinbitsapp you can invest in cryptocurrency, in this instance Bitcoin, utilizing dollar cost averaging.  

Back to the example of earning $3.50 in roundups from a week of coffee purchases. Coinbitsapp has an option to multiply those round up amounts from 2x up to 10x. A $3.50 investment now becomes $7.00 on a 2x multiplier and $35.00 on a 10x multiplier.

In conclusion, an easy way to start investing in crypto in 2021 is through the Coinbitsapp. Get started with a safe and secure method of building Bitcoin. I am not a financial advisor, this is not financial advice. I am just trying to make you guys aware of the tools I use to buy and invest crypto. Out.

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